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November 2003

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We are finally leaving after 2+ months of very intense preparation. We can't wait for some quiet time.  

Pulled out of Ventura Harbor on November 25, 2003 at 1600.  We were not quite stowed, but were so very ready to go mentally that we decided to just go for it thinking that we could finish stowing on the way. Well, that was not to be.  We instantly hit some uncomfortable seas and were not able to finish anything at all!  Even the Captain, Mike, was not feeling so well.  After four hours of banging around, it calmed down enough for us to at least eat something.  The kids were both fast asleep, so never did eat any dinner that first night.  The next morning things were quite nice, the wind was strange, as it was coming straight at us as we headed down the coast, not your normal state of affairs in these parts.  We still made pretty good time, Ventura to Dana Point in about 22 hours.  Our top cruising speed was 6.9 kts.  Most of the time it was closer to 5.  We did have the motor on for most of the way.  This was the first overnight trip for all of us except Mike.

Quote of the day:  Mike- "Fletcher, are you going to miss that ship over there?"

                            Fletcher- "Miss him, I don't even know him!"   (We are still rolling over that one.)

As we pulled into Dana Point O, Mikes' mom Carole was there to greet us.  We were pretty tired and the boat was a mess, but she whisked us off to her place to spend the night before we left for Escondido and Thanksgiving at Mikes' sisters home. O We had a great Thanksgiving and got to sleep and relax.  On Friday when we got back to the boat, the kids Oma and Aunt Karen O came over from Arizona and took the kids for a couple of days for a last visit before we left.  We spent the weekend running around, frantically tying up loose ends and waiting for last minute paperwork to come in.  We also got to visit with some of Mike's old school chums.  On Sunday, there was a family gathering and bon voyage for us. 




Dana Point

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    Closing in on Dana Point

     Thanksgiving with some of Mike's family

  Oma and Aunt Karen saying good bye to the kids (and Hopper)

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