These are taken directly from the kids journals

Fletcher's entries:


12-6,   I slept in the cockpit all night. when i went to sleep my mom was steering, when I woke up my mom was steering. but my dad steered in the middle of the night.

12-8, We explored the town (Turtle bay) and had lunch with some other boaters We went around the corner to a new beach. My dad made breakfast burritos in the morning.

12-21, We saw six turtles today all in a row. 

12-28, We had Christmas at Punta De Mita and learned how to surf.


 1-10, We got to La Cruz and got caught up on school work. We saw a whale and we got into the kayak and paddled over to him.

 1-16, When it rains the wind picks up. You have to stay on your boat because you have to watch your boat. The waves get bigger because the wind blows.

          As long as the wind blows the waves get bigger. Our boat rocks a lot. Some boats have flopper stoppers. A flopper stopper is a thing that goes up and down

          and keeps your boat from rocking.  I don't like it when it rains.

 1-23, We went to the fair. We got on the bumper cars. We also got cotton candy. We went to see a band called Bubba and the Bottom Feeders . I learned how to play the spoons.

           We stayed out late listening to music. I am getting better at playing pool. We met other kid boats. When we went to the beach Dana and I went and found some sticks and

           built a tee pee. We found some cool shells. There were big waves. Dad and i went to get gas for the dinghy


We explored far away beaches.  We took a hike up the river.  We swam in the river.  We took 8 buses.  My favorite subject is reading.  My favorite thing to do is kayaking. I am planning in the dink.  I am getting good at beach landings by myself.  We take Hopper for walks and we throw sticks for him.

We sailed out to the Tres Murietas. We swam with manta rays. We explored lots of caves. We went to some beaches. Our anchor got stuck around a rock but we got it unstuck.

We sailed into Punta de Mita and me and my dad surfed.  We sailed back to the Tres Murietas.  We saw an Orca. We saw some little bat rays jump out of the water.  We hiked the island and explored lots of caves.  We saw a baby yellow footed booby, it was all white.

 2-10, We rode the bus to Sayulita.  It is a cool little town.  We took a jungle hike.  We saw lots of cool birds. We heard something in the bushes, a dog      was chasing it. We did not see it.

 2-12, (for Fletcher's B-day we went to a water park) I went down a really steep yellow slide. I went down a slide called the toilet bowl, it hurt my back.  I  went down a big blue slide. There was all kinds of slides. We had lunch there. We saw a sea lion show.  They balanced a ball on there nose.  We    also looked at dolphins and we went down little slides.

 2-13, I had a fancy cake, it was really red.  It was yummy. Then we had home made pizza, it was good too. After pizza we had more cake for dessert.

2-18, At Yelapa we saw lots of whales, they were humpbacks. They were big. After that we took a hike up to a waterfall, the water was really cold. We swam in the water.  Then we took a long hike up the river.  We saw a big white bull.  We played in the water.

2-19,  (in Tenacatita)  We caught a 30 inch Crevalle.  We went on a mangrove trip, it was full of birds. We saw some really cool ones.  Then we went to a place called the aquarium., it was a really good snorkeling place.  We hitchhiked to a new town.  We explored the town.  We got some vegetables.  We watched a movie called "McHales Navy" that was filmed in Tenacatita.  It was a good movie.  We kayaked to the beach through big waves.  We almost turned over but we didn't.  Then we went to the beach to play volleyball.  It was good.  It was fun.  Then we went across the bay to La Manzanilla and we saw crocodiles.  there was supposed to be 140 but we only saw 10 of them.

 2-26, (Cuesta Comate) We explored the town, there were no places open for breakfast.

 2-28, We say a volcano erupting during our sail south. There was lots of smoke.


 3-1, We got a big fish on the line. We brought it about 10 feet away from our boat then the line broke.

 3-3, We got to Z-town and went to the port captains office and checked in. 

 3-7, (Isla Grande) We rode in a 60 foot power yacht, it was fun. Then we got in the dink and went over to snorkel. We saw lots of pretty fish.

 3-8, Dana and i went over to Dana's friends boat.  We got towed behind their dink on a boogie board. it was fun.

 3-17, We went to the airport to pick them up (the grandma's).  We took a taxi back to the hotel.  We jumped into the swimming pool. We slept in the hotel.  The next day we got up and ate breakfast, then we swam in the ocean.  We rinsed off and went back into the pool. The day after that we went to another  restaurant called Rossys.  We had lunch at a pozole place.  We had dinner at a place at the hotel. One day we went to a place called Las Gatas.  We snorkeled and played in the water.  After that we went to Ixtapa and had a good breakfast and got a tour. Then the grandmas went back to the states.

3-28, We went with some other kids to Playa Linda. We boogie boarded with them and got ice cream.  Then we saw a crocodile show.  After that we went shopping.  Then we went to dinner with them, it was yummy.

3-29, We sailed north to Punta de Mita. We had some good winds. We sailed for 3 days. On the third day we saw a whale.


4-1, we sailed to Mantachen Bay. It is a bay close to San Blas. We just hung out.  The next day we explored town.

4-3. We got up early and got in a panga and did a jungle tour. We saw lots of birds turtles and crocodiles. We also swam in the springs.  The water was not warm. 


 Dana's entries:


12-5, I remember one time Hopper fell off the dock. Both my parents pulled him out. he was stuck, it was funny.

12-7, I found a shell with my dad and brother and my dog Hopper.


1-10, I went in the kayak, my mom went with me. The baby whale slapped his tail.

1-16, Dolphins are feeding on tuna. We have been on the boat for a long time.

1-23, Fletcher was a maniac on the bumper cars. The cotton candy was all different colors. I learned how to play spoons, his name was Hawk.

         I found shells. I stayed out really late and danced with my mom and dad. I am learning how to play pool. I met other kid boats.


 We went to the island Tres Murietas, it was beautiful. We saw an orca orca. We saw a baby bird. It was all white. My mom, dad and brother went swimming with the mantas. I stayed in the dink. Our anchor got stuck. Fletcher was on the helm and we got it unstuck. We went to the beach. Hopper ran. I was playing in the water. We stayed all night.

 We went on the bus to Sayulita and had lunch. Mom asked the guy if there was a cool jungle hike to the beach. We got to the beach. Me and Fletcher played in the water

2-12, (Splash water park) I like the green tube, it was fast. I also liked the blue tube and the yellow tube.

2-13, (Fletcher's birthday) I helped make the cake.

2-18, (Yelapa) The water fall was cold.

2-20, (Tenacatita) The mangroves were full of birds. Me and Fletcher went kayaking through big waves.  We snorkeled at a beach called "the aquarium" with crystal clear water and lots of fish. We hitchhiked to town. Hoppers paws were sore. A truck came. We came back in the back of a truck. There were lots of mercados. The movie McHales Navy was filmed here. It was exciting. I met a girl on a boat. She came over for dinner. We went across the bay and saw  crocodiles. There were 250 at least. They were big. People went really close to them.


3-2, (Z-town) We go to the port captain then we go to the bank. Then we go back to the port captain (clearing in procedures).

3-17, Oma's get in. We waited for Oma and Grandma (at the airport). Me and Fletcher swam in the pool lots of times. We switched off with our Oma's in the beds. I met new friends and played with them in the pool. We went out for dinner and breakfast.

3-27, We saw a crocodile man with 3 other boat kids. Me and Fletcher got to hold a little crocodile. We had ice cream, it was good. We went swimming.


4-3, We went on a jungle tour in a panga. We saw lots of birds, crocodiles and animals. We swam in the springs and saw iguanas of course.