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October 2008

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Looking back, October was party, party, party.  Four to be exact.  We had been anticipating that we would do a bit more inland travel in Ecuador before we left, but that was not to be.  Mike continued to work on the engine and transmission, and was happy with the result.  Nancy was frantically dealing with business issues back in the U.S. and trying to get all of lose ends tied up before we headed to the Galapagos.  Her dad was also not doing well and that was adding another element into the travel or not issue.  We were  trying to get our permit to be able to sail between the islands once we got to the Galapagos.  You can sail to the Galapagos, but usually you have to stay on one island.  With this permit, we would be allowed to sail to three different islands and stay longer at each island.  The trouble was, once you apply for this permit,  you have to wait for it before you can leave the mainland.  We were a bit concerned, but we just hung out and waited and the timing worked out fine.  We did manage to take one beach day and Nancy went to a three day meditation retreat o, which she really needed.  We had our life raft checked and repacked with fresh supplies. Our cat got sick and we almost put her to sleep.  At the last minute, (really the last minute, the vet was already there with the shot to put her down,) a fellow that was staying on the property said to give her a little more time.  She was very jaundiced and weak, but still purred and swung her tail around and seemed pretty happy, other than being sick.  As we were all saying good-bye to her, she reached out and started to clean the dog.  She was definitely not ready to go!  So, we decided to make the crossing to the Galapagos with a very sick cat.  She had to be carried everywhere, including to the bathroom.  It was very tough, but she is so sweet.  During the last couple weeks of the month, we made two all day trips to the nearest big town to get parts and provisions for the next couple of months.  These are always exhausting days and take a day to recover from.  There was a lot of work to do to get the boat ready for sea again.  We spent a day hauling water and filling our tanks with purified water.  We cleaned and oiled the boat.  We stowed things that had been out for the past seven months and just got everything ready.  You just cannot belief how much work it is to get one small boat, four humans, and two animals ready to cruise again!

During our last couple of weeks in Ecuador, there were several parties.  One was for our dear friend and host, Alfredo o.  It was a lovely party with live music, incredible vegetarian food and lots of fun.  There was also a great potluck for another friend of ours that we have been cruising and hanging out with since last November o.  This was right as several boats were getting ready to head out to other parts of the world, so it was a great way to say good bye and have one last evening with everyone.  It is always an adventure hanging out at Saiananda, The sloths always steal the show o!  For another friends birthday, we all splurged and went out for a fancy dinner at a new hotel just down the road.  It was fun to get all dressed up o and have a grown up night out.  The next week another cruiser, that is living full time in Bahia, had a pig roast o.  This was just a couple of nights before we were leaving, and was again a whole bunch of fun.  For Halloween, the kids dressed up and two dingy loads of kids went around to the forty or so boats in the anchorage and did the trick or treat thing.  Dana was a hobo and Fletcher was a pirate.  They had a great time and got loads of candy.  At first, they did not even want to participate or dress up, but they got into it in the end.   Sorry, we left the camera at home and do not have any pictures of this event.  So, the month flew by with us all frantic every day to get everything done that needed to be done before we left for the Galapagos.  Between boat work, school work, business issues in the states, family health issues and then just regular life, we could not wait to pull away from shore and the ability to do anything else about anything else that might come up!


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Some of our favorite scenes from Saiananda, our home for the past seven months. 


Alfredo's Birthday Party.  Musicians were brought in, and there was great food and friends (both human and critter.)


Our good friends from the past year, Eric & Sherrell from sv Sarana had a wonderful potluck party at Saiananda; Hopper and the sloth, hanging out.


Yet a couple more cruiser parties... a fancy one for Judy's birthday, (our good friend over the past seven months); the other a more casual pig roast pot luck.

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